A Public Letter to My Parents

To My Daddy and Ma,

It’s not a secret to anyone that’s been following my story that you’re not exactly crazy about me living in Africa. We’ve had arguments and we’ve shared tears. It’s true that over the past few months I have felt held back by you and other family members, but now as I am on my way, it occurs to me that you never really stood in my way. I think you always knew that you couldn’t stop me even though you wanted to. I want to try to explain to you why this is happening, and the key role you have both played in my decision to fo to Uganda. (Don’t worry it’s not bad).

As a child, and now as a young adult, I have never wanted for anything. You have provided me with every need and desire. You raised me in a home where God was always very accessible. I had every opportunity open to me. I never went hungry or went a day without feeling loved. You delighted in all of my accomplishments, but now, this is an opportunity to see into my heart.

You have provided me with a life so full of love and joy that I simply cannot stay there anymore. I am overcome with a desire to give to others because you have so generously given to me. I can’t stand the thought of children not having food, or access to education, or a loving adult of knowledge of a God who cares deeply for them as I have always had. I’m met by so many people that can’t believe I’m doing this but this is the way it should be. It should be the people with opportunity and resources going to help the ones who have not.

So, and don’t kick yourself, but in a massive, beautiful way, you are partially responsible for my stay in Africa. We’ve both made mistakes but you have done so much right. You have nurtured me exactly as every child deserves and I am now on my way to be used by God in a way that I have always dreamed of.

I know you will worry about me (and I know it’s hard to imagine me taking care of myself in another country when I still leave dirty dishes in the sink) but don’t forget that I will worry about you too. I will miss you more than you would believe.

I love you,


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